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The Alliance of Eagles Institute empowers individuals in the body of Christ, to make a difference in their communities and around the world through intensive biblical studies and practical ministry training.


This program offers private credentials and general courses open to the public. It’s a certificate program ideal for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the Bible and effectiveness in ministry. All Leaders and Laypersons are welcome to attend!

Are you interested in learning in a group setting?
Join COHORT V beginning in Fall of 2024 

August 2024 - July 2025


1. Second Great Awakening – August

2. Bishops as Apologists – September

3. Evangelicalism - October

4. Fundamentalism – November

5. Guardians of Grace: Exploring Stewardship in the Church - December

6. Understanding the Old Testament – January

7. Queens of Resilience - February

8. Systematic Theology - March

9. Introduction to Biblical Theology – April

10. Jesus as a Zealot – May


The Dr. Carolynne Michelle Phillips Scholarship Fund is available to those who qualify. 

There are two levels of scholarship being offered:


1.     One full scholarship for the Class of 2024-2025 in the amount of  $650 for 10 courses. 

2.     Ten monthly scholarships in the amount of $65 each during the Class of 2024-2025 totalling $650. 




Any person desiring to be a part of the 2024-2025 Class with the commitment of completing the entire semester.

Failure to fulfill the requirements of a course could result in loss of scholarship with no opportunity to reapply in the future




Applicants requesting a full scholarship should write an essay of 250 words or less stating why you are the right person to receive the AOEI CMP Scholarship.


Applicants requesting a one-month scholarship should simply apply and submit one paragraph stating why you would like to receive the scholarship. One name will be drawn monthly.


The deadline for all applications for the first full or partial scholarships are due no later than Tuesday June 18, 2024 for the class “The Second Great Awakening”. 


 Monthly scholarship applications are due by the Tuesday after the 3rd Saturday  of each month thereafter.  


Partial applicants can apply each month if they remain a student in good standing. 

Those who receive scholarship funds will be registered for that class. 



We are asking each member of the Alliance of Eagles Fellowship to donate at least $65 to sponsor on class. We also receive donations of any amount to those who would like to support. 


Click Here for Carolynne Michelle Phillips Application


Again, thank you for being a part of the Alliance of Eagles Institute. Our prayer is that these courses make a significant contribution to your knowledge of the word of God. 



Bishop Kim A. Davis


Learn At Your Own Pace 

Select any course from our course catalog

and begin learning at your own pace. 

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